The last book in the New Testament tends to be referred to as the Revelation of John; its prologue actually declares it to be the revelation of Jesus Christ given to Him by God (ch1v1 cf. Greek), John being its witness and scribe. Its declared purpose was to inform, albeit symbolically, God’s servants (the Church) what would in due course come to pass (ch1v1b). It is therefore highly significant when something is revealed by Christ’s angel to John and he is immediately told NOT to write it down (ch10v4). It suggests it was not intended to be disclosed to the Church, at least not at the time of her inception. Its eventual revelation, symbolically set out in the small scroll (or little book) would be sweet as honey in the mouth but bitter in the gut (Greek: koilia). It has become my conviction that this pertains to the munificent nature of God’s reconciliatory intentions, hidden from the Church’s understanding for much of her earthly pilgrimage, being God’s final mystery/secret (ch10v7). That is all the more likely to be the case if what I believe I have received from the Lord/Spirit and set out in my book* is on the mark. That is for others to determine, in the meantime my main claim for “The Fellowship of the Secret” is that it resolves many doctrinal tensions within and between the New and Old Testaments, at least to my own satisfaction.

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