The Fellowship of the Secret outlines a prophetic insight concerning divine providence. But it also concerns the reconciliation of the churches. Here is an excerpt regarding the latter:

 “As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs” [attributed to Johann Tetzel, papal seller of indulgences – pictured]. Let’s face it: who would not wish to be a Reformer in sixteenth century Europe? Seemingly spiritually insightful men pleading scriptural truths against the deformed doctrines and practices of the seriously corrupted monolith that was the Roman Catholic Church. Yet the unifying Spirit of Christ requires us to take a step back from all that and, utilizing the resources available to us in the digital age, undertake a pan-bimillennial review of church history applying the rationale I have set out in chapter five. Then, if the Spirit is behind this work, many may come to perceive what is required for the fractured Body of Christ to be healed at last (cf. Rom12:5).”

{Excerpt from chapter three of The Fellowship of the Secret”}


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