“When the men had come to (Jesus), they said, “John the Baptist has sent us to You, saying, ‘Are You the Coming One, or do we look for another?’ (Luke7:20NKJV)”

It is an extraordinary piece of gospel narrative when you think about it: John being the man Jesus (no less) described as not only a prophet but the greatest man yet to be born of woman (Mt11:9-11). And AS a prophet, where would John have derived his understanding? – not from any man or religious institution but the Holy Spirit Himself with Whom he had been filled from birth, along (no doubt) with his understanding of the Old Testament Scriptures. Yet what John had seen and experienced up to the time he was cast into prison caused him to call into question whether Jesus was really the Coming One “or should we be looking for Someone else?”. OK, some commentators would say, the Jews in general had misinterpreted the Scriptures concerning the Messiah, how he was to establish His Kingdom and its general nature. But how can that have applied to John the Baptist given the Source of his prophetic understanding, especially as Jesus affirmed John was intended to have been the second “Elijah” who would come “to restore all things” (Mt17:10-13)?

It affirms the central point I make in “The Fellowship of the Secret” that the current age, though undoubtedly initiated by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, has not taken the form anticipated by ANY of the Old Testament prophets or biblical narratives, and that that is what Paul is affirming somewhat cryptically in Ephesians 3 where he speaks of “the fellowship pertaining to the secret (plan) hidden in God from previous ages (v9). What from a human perspective is a change to the Divine Plan resulted from the Jewish nation’s failure to heed their “day of visitation” as a result of which the privileges intended (i.e. prophesied) for them have been granted to people chosen from every nation (see also Romans chapter 11 vv11-15), the providential and dispensational aspects of which have quite eluded the churches and are explored in my book, the e-book version of which is now available FREE on my website HERE