Once the apostle Paul’s reference to “the fellowship of the secret” is understood, the rest of the Bible fits into place. A multi-racial fellowship (the Church) has, contrary to earlier revelation (Eph3:9), been established to replace a nation (Israel) to act as God’s royal priesthood for the world (Ex19:5&6 cf. 1Pet2:9). These special or “peculiar people” (1Pet2:9KJV) are the first-fruit of God’s harvest (Jam1:18), the mystical Body of Christ on Earth, not the vast company of “sheep” who retain the divine imprint of humanity demonstrated by their compassion towards others (Mt25:31-46); but then there are the “goats”. These are the providential mysteries and apparent biblical tensions I will be endeavouring to resolve in subsequent posts, to complement what has been set out topically in my book.

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