I pointed out in earlier posts that Adam and Eve were not cursed by God (cf. Gen3:14,17). That divine pronouncement was given to the arch-instigator of mankind’s downfall represented by the serpent (the devil) and later at an individual level to Cain. Fortunately for humanity, Adam is man’s federal head, not Cain, nevertheless all his offspring were condemned to a life of arduous toil, aging, decay and death, for the SOIL was cursed for man’s sake (Gen3:17-19), whilst woman-kind would additionally endure male domination and great pain in childbirth, for in Paul’s assessment it was Eve who had been deceived and so bore the weight of guilt (1Tim2:14,15 cf. Gen3:13). Through Satan’s victory, he was granted control of the world order (Greek: archon tou kosmou Jn12:31), yet as we shall see it was all for the greater good. Amidst the apparent debacle, a ray of hope appears: God tells the snake (representing the Evil One): “I shall put enmity between you and the woman, and between YOUR OFFSPRING and hers; it (or He) will bruise your head and you will strike its heel” (Gen3:15).

So as early as Genesis chapter three we have a shadowy glimpse of the Good News concerning a coming Messiah (the woman’s offspring), for our omniscient God had already envisaged His plan of salvation for humankind, the central event of which would be the sending of His Son to be the Saviour of the world (1John4:14). Satan would strike the Christ’s heal through his apparent victory at Calvary, but the death and resurrection of Jesus would prove to be the bruising of the snake’s head; assuring Satan’s ultimate defeat. It is not just Satan but HIS OFFSPRING who are to be at enmity with the woman’s offspring; nor is the latter referring exclusively to Jesus (Rom16:20). Satan’s seed pertains both to the outcome of Gen6:1-2 (considered shortly) and also the human seed adopted by Satan, who following their own free choice to amortize the innate light and Law of Christ we experience through the faculty of conscience (cf. Jn1:9KJV; Rom 2:15; 1Tim4:2) is permitted to gain their mastery (cf. Gen4:7 Hebrew Masoretic). This could only be by divine decree; it is a providential arrangement with, not any obligation to Satan, being a corrupted creature not a rival god. As such he could have no inherent rights over God’s property (i.e. everything). Such arrangements on a smaller scale are indicated elsewhere in Scripture (e.g. Job1:6-12; 2Cor12:7). It is an ingenious contrivance on the Creator’s part (for He is sovereign) but one will not discern any positivity to it until one has understood the mystery of evil and the purpose of suffering within God’s wondrous plan for humanity, covered in the final two chapters of The Fellowship of the Secret.

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