The Fellowship of the Secret is a direct quote from the apostle Paul’s writing (Ep3v9 some translations). It refers to the fact that in terms of salvation history the current age is not as many believe “a fulfilment of Old Testament prophesies in a spiritualized form”, but as a result of God’s chosen nation’s rejection of His purposes for them, effectively an unforetold epoch we know of as the Church age. In three of his epistles Paul affirms the nature of the current age to have been a divine secret, undisclosed through any Old Testament prophet and barely intimated by Jesus during His earthly ministry. The book explores the wondrous providential and dispensational implications of this mystery; and shows how such a perspective resolves numerous other tensions and mysteries within the Bible.

The revised edition

A new (third) edition of “The Fellowship of the Secret” has recently been released. In the event it has been only slightly modified and much as I long to be more conciliatory I’ve had to remain faithful to what I believe has been revealed to me by the Spirit. That includes some contentious assertions relating to the sixteenth century Reformation and the need to dismantle key aspects of Augustinian and “Reformed” theology that have influenced so many for so long. Only then can the joyful prospect of God’s broader benign providence – what my adoptive Church refers to as God’s Plan of Loving Goodness – be discerned. But most importantly, especially from the perspective of those within the Evangelical churches, every proposition has been solidly underpinned from Scripture. Such an endeavour has been the primary purpose of the book, although its author has still broader aspirations – to set out a possible path to church unity. That is especially necessary in the context of the end-time script, so that a coherent witness to the Good News of the Kingdom can be provided to the world before the current arrangements upon it are concluded at our Lord’s return (cf. Mt24:14).