the little book of providence

The final book of the Bible “Revelation” is allusive and mysterious, none more so than chapter ten regarding “The Little Book”, not least because John the Divine was not permitted to write down the meaning of the prophecy. The little book I am promoting in this website does not claim entirely to resolve the mystery but does provide insights into the likely subject matter of the book or scroll John was instructed to consume. That subject is divine providence and how since a Bible-based theology was first systematized in the 4th/5th century its munificence has been diminished through some erroneous doctrines that were incorporated.

Along with some radical insights of my own, which in view of what I experienced during the writing I believe to have been directed to me by the Holy Spirit, I draw upon the testimony and biblical interpretations of the more significant pre-Augustinian Christian writers and theologians to show that the fruits of Christ’s Passion extend beyond Israel and the Church. The providential outcome is worthy of a Creator defined in Scripture as Love personified – a providence one might even describe as sweet as honey.

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