Genesis 11- Tower of Babel : representative of man’s self-destructive ambition

Just a brief post here to affirm my earlier point that the worldwide flood was not directly a result, still less a remedy for man’s sinful inclinations. A new start was also required for the earth in view of the activity of the fallen watchers (Gen6:1,2 – set out in detail in the Book of Enoch). These fallen angels (referred to also in Jude1:6) had polluted the human seed pool through their unions with women and imparted knowledge that was not intended for mankind in its infancy. In terms of post-diluvian humanity, she was back to square one, or rather square two being our post-Fall state of degeneration. Hence the need for the confounding of his language to restrain mankind’s lofty, self-destructive ambitions (v6). What men and women really needed could not have been remedied by a flood or the confounding of his language.  They needed a Saviour, divine instruction and the spiritual resources to restore the broken relationship with his Creator. Such would in due course be brought about, initiated by the calling of Abram, son of Terah (to follow).

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