Since 2014 I have been writing (2 books), blogging and occasionally tweeting on biblical interpretation and historical Church perspectives on divine providence. Recently there has been more of a focus on the Book of Enoch and (regrettably) myself, for reasons that may already be becoming apparent. The most recent blogs/tweets have referred to an extraordinary recording that some who follow me will have heard, which those who are not of a nervous disposition can access below:

It contains much that is barely audible or comprehensible, but about a third of the way through [at the 5minute mark played at normal speed], an individual set apart from the rest (the compiler) clearly calls out, “Hello there, Charton”.  

Spiers and Surenne’s French and English Pronouncing Dictionary (among others) affirms that the name “Charton” is a shortened version of the French word “charretier” meaning “CARTER” or coachman – in modern settings, a busman. Such was I for seven years before retiring from fulltime employment in 2013. So, for the virtually obsolete “Charton” read “Carter”.

Sources on the internet HERE indicate the name “Carter” is derived from Yitzhak (also spelt Yitzchak), biblical Isaac’s Hebrew name meaning “He laughs” 🤣. For Abraham had laughed when God said his geriatric wife would bare him a son whilst Sarah laughed for joy when she did. Likewise, when the Holy Spirit gave me a radical new understanding of the apostle Paul’s teaching, I at the same time wept, rejoiced but above all laughed – how COULD we all have got it so wrong? And when I published my findings, some liked it, some hated it, but no doubt the majority simply laughed: “You CANNOT be serious!” Oh, but I am, so was Paul in Rom 11 and Eph3, the providential and dispensational implications appear to have eluded everyone (recent post).

Whilst I find the aforementioned English/Hebrew connection between Charton/Carter and Yitzhak to be tenuous, it is what these sources indicate, and it ties up with what is repeatedly heard on the recording. If I were to say exactly what I believe to be the source, origin and nature of that cacophony, many would think me entirely crazy🤣, so I will not disclose it for the present. There are more substantive matters concerning divine providence I would wish to impart whilst retaining as many followers as possible (on Facebook). Individual listeners should make up their own mind about the recording. Be aware, it is multi-layered – different sounds, words and names (especially “Yitzhak”) can be detected at very different speeds. [Something occurs at 4m 39s played at the very slowest speed concerning which I won’t elaborate at present. It proves to me this cannot be a human mock-up, and I although I don’t personally need it, is proof of the afterlife]. Be aware also that this is far from the first such recording I have received, and they started before ANY of my writing was published in any form or on any platform, so it cannot be put down to aggrieved readers.

The method of delivery is equally strange. The recording came from my friend’s i-phone whilst riding in another bus to meet me. The bus’s onboard i-bus system can be heard announcing its route and bus stops (I’m familiar with it, I once drove that route), but there is no passenger or traffic noise whatsoever. This can be verified when the recording is played at a very slow speed – total silence when those that are ranting briefly cease to rant. That seems to imply the recording is coming via the bus’s radio system itself – but how could THAT be explained? I do not invite replies, I couldn’t handle them emotionally or have time to respond to them. But feel free to share what you hear with others, especially if they can provide spiritual or indeed acoustical insights regarding what is going on. And if you still have an open mind or are simply intrigued, continue to watch this space.

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