There has been quite a delay since my previous post as the intention of the current one was to set out the practical implications of what I believe has been revealed to me by the Spirit. But frankly it all appears so audacious I can scarcely bring myself to do it. What presumption! What audacity! – “You’re having a laugh, aren’t you?” No, but others are – and unless my ears deceive me, they are not of this earthly realm. And they have given me a name (several in fact as you will have heard if you listened to the recording I have published). And it is not of a prophet as I might have wished or vaingloriously anticipated but pertains to my previous secular occupation: the now virtually obsolete “Charton” – coachman/ bus driver, but also the tenuously related יִצְחָ֔ק which pertains to laughter and to election (cf. Gen17:17; Gal4:28). I have written it in Hebrew for it is always quoted as such (“Yitshak”🤣). The latest recording that I received (shortly to be published with some elaborations regarding earlier recordings) also repeats that name. By whom is it uttered? By demons I suspect – but such do tend to know who’s who (Acts19:15), apart from which it cannot be they (imprisoned spirits) who have compiled the recordings. More to the point, if it were intended as a deception, why provide a name that no one would expect or associate with what I understand myself to be doing (Mal4:5-6)?

A prophet of such standing would expect to receive clear, concise, divinely or angelically provided instructions. That has NOT happened in my case – the disclosure has been curious, cryptic and protracted, progressing over a nine-year period (to date). Yet scripturally speaking, that is not so surprising (cf. Dan12; Mal4 Rev10; Enoch93&104Charles). [I do not equate Enoch with canonical scripture, but as its opening verse intimates and most early Church fathers acknowledged, it is inspired writing, quoted as it is in Jude. It was not written for the benefit of the Church through her history but as its opening verse affirms, for “the elect and righteous” who would be living in the final days of the current epoch. Its author miraculously foresaw that the writing and the prophecies it contained would be virtually lost to the Church and the world for a prolonged period, then later rediscovered and translated into many languages – exactly as happened through what was discovered at Qumran in the mid-20th century].  

Scoffers and doubters can take comfort that I currently claim to have no divine, still less ecclesiological standing whatsoever. But then, if I were the Pope or the greatest Evangelical evangelist there has ever been, could I now unite the churches in preparation for Christ’s return? You will surely appreciate there is not the remotest chance, given where we all are. Truly, there could be no individual, speaking under the authority and auspices of any particular church denomination that could do that right now or indeed since the time of Luther. Hence the voice of one crying in the spiritual wilderness – “prepare the way of the Lord; make His paths straight”.

If the children of the Reformation are to be reunited with their spiritual forefathers so all may “come in the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God , perfected to the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ (Eph4:13), duly equipped in time to preach a coherent gospel as a final witness to the world (Mt24:14), it could only ever take place from the predisposition that all denominations, doctrinally and for many liturgically, have been substantially in error. That is most definitively in respect to their understanding of the context of the church and gospel within God’s providential intentions towards His creation as a whole (cf. Enoch93:10Charles].

That in turn pertains to God’s secret plan for the Gentile nations (effectively resulting in an inserted epoch 🤣 in the context of Old Testament prophecy and salvation history), revealed by Paul but seemingly not wholly understood by anyone (Eph3:2-11 cf. Rom11:11,12,15,30) – for the apostle’s teaching taken (as I now do) at face value cannot be squared with traditional interpretations of what the bible actually means by gospel salvation.

Notwithstanding these cautionary caveats, be in no doubt that I am clear that I have received divinely provided insights concerning – i) how the bible should be interpreted – in the process enabling it to become intrinsically coherent; ii) in broad terms how God is going to exercise judgement and take forward His plans for his earthly creation, and iii) most pertinently for those who are likely to be reading this, what is required of those who shall be the “saints” who live to see the return of Christ in glory. The matter has already been set out in the Little Book of Providence, supplemented by posts on this website and Facebook book page. I continue to pray earnestly that I will receive more substantiating affirmation, ideally of the kind that could be verified by others – at which point my approach and demeanour would be less tentative, more akin to that of Ezekiel chapter three.   

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