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The next series of posts will set out and briefly comment on each of the 95 theses that summarize key outcomes from The Little Book of Providence.

THESIS#1 0F 95 – “Human beings were made in the image of God and even after the fall are to be regarded as such”

BIBLICAL REFERENCE: Gen9:6: Whoever sheds man’s blood, by man his blood shall be shed; For in the image of God He made man

COMMENTS: Given that God is invisible, the image referred to in Genesis cannot be God’s appearance but His NATURE. That nature has been besmirched by the fall, but as Gen 9 indicates, by no means obliterated. Every virtue that man is still capable of exhibiting such as compassion, mercy, a sense of fairness and justice, humour, tolerance and the desire for the wellbeing of others, is derived from God. The point is, God possesses ALL of the above, and to a superlative degree. Any theology that infers through its eschatological outworking that God’s nature is alien to that of man when he is at his best (as perfectly portrayed by Jesus, even whilst in human flesh – Jn14:9) needs to be revisited.

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