Unto me who is the most inferior of all the saints was this grace granted that I should proclaim to the nations the unsearchable riches of Christ so as to enlighten everyone regarding the FELLOWSHIP OF THE SECRET hidden in God through the ages” [Ephesians 3:8-9]


Chapter 1 The Hidden Dispensation

Chapter 2 The Eluded Covenant of Life

Chapter 3 Justification and the Faithfulness of Christ

Chapter 4 The Restoration of all things

Chapter 5 Progressive Revelation

Chapter 6 The Mystery of Evil

Chapter 7 The Theodicy


OTHER TOPICS COVERED  in the book include:

natural law in the understanding of the earliest Church Fathers

how people inside and outside the Church are finally to be judged

the final prophet (“Elijah”) -still to come?

the purpose of human suffering

the nature of the Reformation

Augustine’s influence on Western theology

the writings of NT Wright and the “New perspectives on Paul”








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Exploring the mystery of divine providence