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The context of the Church within broader benign providence

The title “Fellowship of the Secret” is a quote from the apostle Paul’s writing (Eph3v9), the secret (or mystery) being that the current age is not as many Christians understand it “a fulfilment of Old Testament prophesies in a spiritualized form”, but as a result of God’s chosen nation’s rejection of His purposes for them, effectively an unforetold epoch in which people of all nations are unexpectedly incorporated within God’s Royal Priesthood (Ex19:5, 6 cf. 1Pet2:9). The apostle also refers to the Gentile’s unexpected inheritance in the following passages: Rom11:11-15, Col1: 26-27, Eph3:2-6 and Acts26:18.

Grasping this mystery has profound implications to divine providence in terms of God’s broader reconciliatory purposes for humanity. Exactly how this fits in with the rest of the Bible’s teaching and why it has been eluded for so long is the subject of my book:   

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Exploring the mystery of divine providence

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